Legend Pay

My Role

UI/UX Designer





Legend Pay is a solution for easier, faster and safer payments for purchases in the Legend eco-system. Users simply carry out transactions from their mobile devices at your convenience.

From the design perspective, the goal was to create an elegant, simple and engaging application focused on easing payments in the Legend eco-system.

In the course of approximately 2 weeks, I designed all of the pages for phase 1 of the project and then worked closely with the development team to make sure that its final form looked as intended. We were extremely happy that the project succeeded.

The Design Process

1. Defining the Problem
2. Framing the solution
3. Developing the Solution
5. Finalizing the solution
6. Reflection

Defining The Problem

From the document presented by Legend, we had to extract what the design should look like and how the userflow should be. We also made sure the app emphasized the following:

1.  Payments should be easy
2. Subscription renewals should take few steps
3. Countdown for subscription

What am I designing?

An experience that allows Legend users to pay for products and services conveniently.

Who is this for?

This is for new and current Legend users.

When and where will this be used?

It will be used after the a person signs up for a Legend account and can be used anywhere.

Why is this important?

Being able to ease payments as the current process is complicated and done physically.

Framing the Solution


How might we design a mobile platform to ease payment for Legend services and also help merchants sell services and products

Design Principles

Accessibility & Inclusiveness

Developing the Solution


1. Legend User
2. Legend Merchant

Initial Oversimplified Architecture

Finalizing the Solution

Visual Language

To maintain the branding guidelines of the Legend eco-system, we used the Source Sans Pro and their three main colors . We kept the design minimal with a premium approach for which Legend is known for.


The biggest challenge of this project was not only time constraint but also lack of proper research.  This took a hit on the design process as it focused more on visual interface design rather than user experience.

Despite the constraints, I am happy with the way the design turned out as we came out with something meaningful that the client really loved.

In the future, I plan on making emphasis on research with the client and also ask for a reasonable timeframe for delivery.