Task Guru

My Role

Graphic Designer


Task Guru



Task Guru is an online and mobile app startup that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work

The goal of the project was to design a logo that will be visually pleasing, clean and memorable. The client really wanted the depiction of an Indian guru on the logo to portray ‘mastery’. We also stylishly made ‘t’ and ‘g’ to be part of the logo.

The logo design took about 1 week with regular feedback from the client.

The Design Process

The logo design process started with brainstorming and analyzing client’s vision. They wanted something that will stand out and will also have many elements for several uses. In addition, the client emphasized on a simple but attractive color palette for it to correspond to their vision of the brand image.


Throughout the project I often sketch out ideas, but this project was mostly done on the computer. I ended up not using the sketches initially made on paper.

Logo Options

Final Logo

The final logo choice was made which efficiently presented the ‘guru’ in clear simple forms, a preserved color combination associated with the nature of the offered services and vibes of a light but sharp orange to grab attention of audiences. The typeface is a mixture of Avenir and a custom letter A

Usable Logo Elements

The logo was made with the idea that several elements can be taken out of it and still be used to communicate the brand.


To support brand recognizability, the icon was based on the brand symbol. The icon frame is wider than in the logo which makes it look clickable. Orange symbol on a black background created enough of contrast so the icon would be noticeable on the different digital screens.